The camels

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  • Publicado : 16 de septiembre de 2010
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Camels are the cars in the desert. Without them, people would make them very difficult to go through the hot spot.
Camels are an extraordinary means oftransport because they need very little water. They can withstand high temperatures without sweating. Similarly, the camels store fat in their humps to feed later. Infact, if a Bactrian camel through a long distance without eating, their humps are getting smaller!.

The elephants were used for many purposes. Given its enormoussize, could carry very heavy loads, making them a very useful means of transport until replaced mechanical means. In battle, usually located in the center of thelines, where both were used to repel an enemy charge to start an own

Dogs: Used almost exclusively in frigid zones in skate gear forming a group called sled. Itsgreat resistance to cold, combined with the speed you are able to develop makes them invaluable. Not all dogs are used for these purposes, but are more suitablethan others about specific breeds. They are used for shooting, such as tracking capabilities for rescue, hunting or police.

Steers: Almost exclusively used inagriculture, for pulling plows or carts loaded, also the work of threshing or even turning around a windmill to draw water or other action. His great strength makesthem very able to walk on the mud, making them worth the high esteem in appreciation of rice crops.

Donkey: Like mount and to a lesser extent for pullingcarts and plows. Its main use is the workhorse, especially in arid or mountainous areas, where the horse reared and serves as a perfect complement to the camel
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