The doom containers

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The doom Containers
This is probably the last time I will ever write again. My real name is Mark Johnston, but the one I use as a civilian is Roger Grant. You may be wondering, who I am? Well, normal, closed mind people would call me a murderer, but that’s not what I am. Some have called me a murderer, others a justifier. Some have called me angel, others a demon, and they even have called mecrazy. In my way of thinking, I am a combination of all that. You may also be wondering, what I did? Well, the story begins like this:
It all started when I was at college. I was a young boy full of willing of knowledge. I wanted to become a very recognized and important business man, basing my company principally on justice. But that day… It was the last year of college, and I have won everysubject with the perfect grade. Every subject, except one. I had a professor called Sarah McKinsey, she was completely jealous of my intelligence (and I must say I always have had a very opened and brilliant mind). She was giving her lesson, mathematics, when suddenly I noticed a mistake, a very big mistake she said while explaining that could change the whole thing. I told her.
-Professor, I’m sorrybut I just noticed you made a mistake in there.
I pointed the part of the exercise where she was wrong. Now you should know, this professor was the kind of professor that never makes a mistake, and when she does it she can’t admit it.
-Impossible, I don’t think so- She said
-Look right there… – I continued
- Mark Johnston, shut up and let me continue my class, or you can leave right now.
-Professor, let’s make a bet- It was not an option to let her humiliate me in front of the whole class- If I go and solve the exercise you will accept I am better in all ways than you.
- And what if you do it wrong?
- You can reprove me and I won’t get graduated.
I went to the board, and solve the exercise. The entire class went quite, because them, and principally the professor, knew I wasright.
-Ok Johnston, you are better than me.
So proud of myself I went back to my place.
Finally the lesson was over. Everyone stand up and went to the door.
-Johnston, come here please.
Kind of nervous and confused, I went to her desk.
-From now on, you are reproved in this subject. I suggest you never come back again.
I was totally amazed. That couldn’t be real! I was going to graduatemyself with the perfect grades!
-Now get out of here.
That couldn’t be real! All my life studying for nothing! What could I possibly do? And the answer came to my mind: Revenge.
In my place there was a very big iron container. I never knew how, but I knew exactly what I had to do.
I didn’t sleep that night. I spent all the night preparing, improving and reviewing the plan. Everything was prepared.Just one thing was missing: The professor.
The next morning I went very early to the college’s parking to wait for Sarah. There was no one there. I waited for one hour and finally she arrived.
I followed her from behind some minutes and I knock her out. Then I put her in my car and took her to my secret base.
In this part of the story I’m going to tell you first what I did and then what shedid.
I put her body in the iron container that I modified with my intelligence and with some technology. Now it didn’t look at all like the old container it was. In threw her into it, closed the gate of it and I tied some chains to it. In some minutes, she would wake up.

- Ummm!? Where am I? How I came here? I can’t see anything, its impossible how… Wait… I have been kidnapped!
- Sarah, I seeyou finally woke up
- Who… who are you?!
- Just a person who is going to make you pay for all the bad things you’ve done in your life
- Wha…?
- All your life, you have been envy of people who are better than you, and in consequence you have been selfish and unfair to them. It’s time to pay. Tell me McKinsey, do you like fire?
- Better? … Selfish? ... Fire? You are crazy, and I don’t fear...
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