The durgs

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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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That are the drugs really? Why are these substances so destructive? “The drugs are all those substances, generally with medicinal uses or of pleasure that in form direct or indirectly they concernthe organism of the human body”
Nevertheless it is necessary to remember that in spite of being substances farm biologic, on having consumed them in excess they provoke in the consumer a series ofchanges that harm his present, his activities, and his environment in end his life informs
Since already we had said the consumption of the drugs it provokes a radical change in the life of the consumerin several aspects for example:
Social aspect: on having consumed an excessive quantity of drugs, the conduct of the consumer is aggressive and forces what provokes the loss of friendship and thedestruction of loving relations both of engagements and of marriage.
Economic aspect: on having tried to consume this substance, the consumer tries to buy at any expense drugs, import for him thelending’s for that it has to ask, or the goods that it has to sell, simply the consumer enter an economic crisis very difficult to solve.
Labor aspect: due to the consumption of the drugs, the consumerpresents a violent conduct what produces that having realized his work this is incorrect or not to manage to finish it, due to this the consumer manages to be dismissed for insufficiently in him.Familiar aspect: such a violent conduct, the dismissal of a good work, the debts of the bank, provoke in the family, an inevitable separation, causing a sure divorce.
Emotional aspect: the consumermanages to have serious psychological or emotional problems, Deliriums, loss of auto esteem, confused language, loss of memory provoking serious depressions, longing for consuming drugs, variable states ofmind and so on up to the suicide or for managing to kill alone someone to obtain a bit of drugs
Finally we speak about the physical aspect considered one of the aspects most important to treating...
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