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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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Fine Feathers Don’t Make Fine Birds
By Jannina Hurtado

A sunny and beautiful day of summer, a bulldog was out of his owner’s house, near the rainforest. He was basking in the sun besides a big, old tree. He was almost asleep when he suddenly heard a melodious sound like a song. He searched for the responsible of the wonderful song, but he didn’t find anyone. The bulldog followed thesound. As he got near the sound, it became louder and louder. Then in a small tree he founded the responsible for the sound. It was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. An extraordinary parrot with a wonderful and colorful plumage. The dog was opened-mouth. When the parrot noticed the dog, she stared at him. Then in a melodious voice she asked
“Who are you and what are you doinghere?”
“Hi. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a bulldog. I live near the forest. In my owner’s house” the dog exclaimed,
“You are beautiful.”
“Thanks. I have to go.” she said. She didn’t want to be with such an ugly animal.
“Wait! Why don’t you pass by my house? If you want we can play or talk a little.” The dog insisted.
“With you? Pretty animals like meshould not be talking to ugly animals like you” she exclaimed.
Then she opened her beautiful and long wings and flew away. The dog ran after her. He didn’t want to loose her. He wanted to know where she lived, and make a new friend. She was flying very fast. The canopy of trees didn’t let him see her anymore. Resigned, he stopped and tried to return to his house. He didn’t want his owner to beworried about him.
Some hours passed. He could see the sunset in the horizon. It was pretty how the sun painted the sky in colors, but he had to continue. Once it gets dark, he wouldn’t be able to see his way home.
It started to rain. He was desperate. He had been walking for hours. He could barely see. He was trying to decide whether or not to stop in a cave or beneath some trees andwait until tomorrow when he could see again. Suddenly, he heard some steps. He stopped walking to hear where they came from. He could only hear some frogs, crickets and the plop plop from the rain. He started walking again. After some minutes, he heard the same sound, steps getting closer and closer to him. Quickly, he turned around and saw a pair of big, yellow eyes looking directly at him. Thena huge, orange tiger appeared from the bushes. Fearfully, the bulldog growled to the tiger. He knew that he couldn’t fight the tiger and win.
“Why is a small animal like you walking this late in the forest?” the tiger exclaimed, “You could get lost or hurt. Lots of animals are hunting at this time“.
“In that case, I better go. Like you said, I could get hurt, and I don’t want that,”the dog responded.
“Why don’t you come to my cave? The forest is dark and cold. I don’t think you can see your way to your home.” the tiger insisted, “Come on! I want to have dinner.”
Then, with a strenuous growl, he launched towards the dog. The dog ran as fast as he could. Behind him he could hear the heavy footsteps from the tiger, getting closer and closer. Then he felt thetiger’s giant paws in his back making him fall in the muddy ground.

Meanwhile, the parrot was in her house, a big and old tree, talking to her friends about the ugly bulldog she met.
“I saw an animal like the one you are describing. He was in the forest” a toucan said “He looked like he was lost.”
“I think I saw him too. He was walking to the tiger’s cave!” a hummingbirdchirped.
“Where? In what cave?” the parrot said.
“In the east part of the forest, near the small lake. There are some caves. He is in the third cave.” the hummingbird explained.
“You have to help me to save him,” The parrot firmly said.
“I will help you,” the elephant, that was one of the parrot’s best friends, said.
Soon they were outside the cave...
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