The job

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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The Job
By: Daniel J. Manson

(Its 1992, the Boss of the New York Mafia, is sitting in her living room in her house, while drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigarrette, suddently, the Mobster, one of her associates, enters the scene)
Boss:(Coldly) what is it?
Mobster: (Worried) we have a problem, a big one
Boss: (Annoyed) a problem? Problems make me feelsick, but tell me, what kind of problem are we talking about?
Mobster: Well,uh to start with, Mr. white, the guy who owned you one million dollars is dead, a car accident, so I don`t know, how to pay you that money and also, I don’t know if he had any relatives…
Boss: Well, I found this… [She shows him a photograph]
Mobster: Who is she?
Boss: Her daughter...
Mobster:Does she has enough moneyto pay the million?
Boss: I don’t care just get it..
Mobster: You mean murder? Kill her...?
Boss: Look in our business, debts are paid by either money [She hands him a gun] or blood..
Mobster: (Doubtful) No, I can`t... Ok...
Boss: Good, now get out of my sight!
(In a house, near the countryside, John Black, a police officer, returns to his home with her wife,who is cleaning the dishes,then he hugs her)
John: Honey! Am home!
Wife: (Happily) Hi!
John: (Smiling) Hey! How are you?
Wife: How was your job today at the police station?
John: well… it was nice, just a little boring...
(Moments after, the couple are in the dinner room having a cup of coffee, the wife is very worried)
John: Hey, hey, what`s the matter, tell me, what`s the problem?
Wife: Did I tell you that myfather, had ties to the mob?
John: (Shocked) Really? That’s real weird, I mean he was such a sweet and calm man, I would had never believe that!
Wife: Yeah, it was also shocking for me too, and I realized when the FBI came to my house searching my house, looking for…. Evidence, I don`t know...
John: Well, it could be guns, drugs, money I don`t know, when I used to work on that mob-related caseon my office I was shocked about all that murder and corruption, but whatever, let`s leave that at the past
Wife: Maybe we should go to sleep
John: Yes, me too I am very tired (they leave)

(In another location, the Mobster is planning his next move, thinking to himself)

Mobster: (very nervous, acting insecure): What am I supposed to do? I don`t know if I should kill her or leave her aloneOh man, this is so difficult... I don`t know if I should leave the family and leave, loyalty or... Why is so difficult?...(Thinking) ...I will do the job

(The next day, the couple are in bed, the husband gets up to pick up something to eat, when the Mobster hits him in the head with a gun, leaving him unconscious, the Mobster checks his wallet and discovers he is a cop)
Mobster: damn! Acop…
(Suddenty, the wife enters the room and discovers the Mobster)
Wife: (Scared) Who the hell are you? Get out of my home!
(The mobster points his gun at the woman)
Mobster: Shut up or I´ll shoot you! Sit down in that chair (he points it) NOW!
Wife: (scared) ok, but please don’t hurt me! (she sits on the chair)
Mobster: (Demanding) Where is the money?
Wife: Money? I don`t have any money!Mobster: the money your father left, one million he owned to the mob, give it to me now!
Wife: I don`t have money, I used to go to college!
G: (Screaming) Don`t lie to me, where is the damn money? Your father was a rich man!
Wife: I don`t know I swear!
Mobster: Listen to me, the money has to be hidden in here somewhere, tell me!
Wife: I swear I don`t know anything! Please don`t hurt me!Mobster: Give me your hands (He ties her up to the chair)
(Suddently the Husband recovers consciousness and he confronts the Mobster, by trying to attack him, but the Mobster notices him and shoots him in the stomach)
John: (In pain) ARGGHHHH!
(While the Mobster confronts the cop, the Wife tries to untie herself)
Mobster: Well , well the cop! Look at you poor guy! Where is the money?
John: We...
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