The seven seals of revelation

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The Seven Seals of Revelation
Will you be near the end of the world?

The seven seals is a warning that God makes us about the coming end of the world. This event appears in the Revelation, book of the New Testament. In this part of the Bible speaks of a scroll that God had in his right hand, sealed with seven seals and in this scenario God opens the first four seals of seven,releasing four beasts, riding on white horses, red, black and one yellow. Reportedly, these beasts are the servants of Satan to destroy the earth at the end of the world. These figures represent the victory, war, famine and death. These four horsemen ride horses colors and spread, virus, plague and influenza among the world's population. The aim is to send all the Day of Judgement. The riders areunclean beings, mortals condemned for their sins to work for the big boss in the hell is the devil. The other labels are the misfortunes that brought the first four seals. According to scripture, when Jesus is betrayed by his pet lion Isolate heretic and this opens the gates of hell, four riders will kill the lion and burning the earth in its path. We will start by the lowest ranking and the higherend, which is death. The existence of these four horsemen is not approved in full, but is written in the Bible and is undeniable. However, there are many interpretations of these riders, like video games, movies, and there is a video of the alleged four horsemen who left Egypt in the war against their ruler. Many people have become heretics do not believe the existence of the seven seals, however,all that shows the Bible is irrefutable.
First Seal
The first seal is a white horse who is ridden by the rider of victory. Its meaning is the result of evil because it is the worst of the riders, the most damaging. According to the Bible, refers to the Antichrist, who was granted authority. Conquer the world and is the false imitator of the true Christ, who will also return riding a white horsewith a crown. Many people believe that the rider means death for the simple fact that death always wins, but not, its meaning is very different.
 "When he opened the first of the seven seals, and I heard the first of the four living creatures screaming voice like thunder," Come. " "There was a white horse whose rider had a bow, he was given a crown and left as the winner and to win."(Revelation 6:1) This is an example of what we see today in our land. For several centuries, whites have been winning over the other races, such as blacks. They have always been in constant wars and humiliating people by their skin color. Discriminate against them and treat them like garbage, so much so that they prefer dead. According to prophecy, the white race continue beating until the end oftime, where Christ is that which defeats the king of this empire. The symbolism of the color purity, holiness, truth and victory. When this rider appears on the ground, the crowd was confused with "the King of Kings and Lord of Lords" because white is sacred. The white color is used in the garments of the priests, martyrs, angels and the heavenly host. This horse will not be the real evil is theantichrist. The true God will come riding with truth, humility and justice. The arch in verse, the true Christ will use to shoot the truths of the New Testament, which judged all unrepentant sinner in God's arrival. He also says he was given a crown. God the father gave his son a crown, is not the same crown that has the rider because the crown was given, was not taken away. It was only given toGod the Son, the only winner of evil. The true Christ will come down from a white cloud have a golden crown, the victorious Christ. It also says that "went out conquering and to conquer." The only one who wins is Christ. Perhaps this was awarded to the rider to indicate that the rider is persistent and invincible in their mission to destroy his enemies because wins and still winning. God's purpose...
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