The signal man

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The Signal-man
By Charles Dickens


The signalman, by Dickens, is about the meeting of two people in a box at one side of the engine line, the narrator and the signalman. This lastcharacter is terrified due to the constant apparitions of a ghost. The signalman’s anguish is there for because after the ghost appears a terrible accident occurs. Within this story, there are severalthemes that the author brings in such as fear, mystery, sign, and so on. However, from a juxtaposition point of view, I choose the sign, for being side by side with the name of the story, as the themeto focus this essay, exploring the main events where sign is present and discovering the relationship between signs and characters, plot and settings.
The story’s main plots involve the meetingof the signalman and the narrator. The story begins when the narrator calls “Halloa¡ Bellow there! but the signalman does not look up. The narrator calls again and asks permission to walk down. Thesignalman does not answer, however the narrator finally descends. The signalman seems to have seen the narrator before but he tells him that this is not possible. After a while, the signalman welcomesthe narrator into his box and they begin to talk about the signalman’s work. The narrator leaves and promises to come back the following night.
The following day the narrator returns, but thistime he does not call as the signalman had asked him the night before due to that words disturbed him. The signalman tells him that he is going to reveal to him the reason of his problems, which is thathe is haunted by a ghost. For this, the signalman is convinced, as it is about a sign that this apparition means a tragic event soon to happen. The following day the narrator visits the railwaycutting and he is shocking when he sees a group of men investigating an accident on the line. Then the narrator realizes the signalman is dead after having been knocked down by a passing train. The...
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