The witches summary

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The Witches Summary
Fernanda Rojas
Green Forest School

Plot Summary

"They are completely bald and always wear wigs, constantly sneaking hands underneath to scratch their itchy scalps. They don't have any toes and have really broad feet, but they force their feet into narrow, fashionable shoes to blend in. They have really long, curved fingernails that they usually hideby wearing gloves. They are the witches. And the meanest, nastiest witches live in England, where a boy has just gone to live with his grandmother after his parent's tragic death.
His grandmother always warned the boy about suspecting nice women who offer him candy - check for gloves, wigs and pinched feet. He is able to avoid the witches until his grandmother becomes ill and they go to aseaside resort where the English witches are having a convention just like normal people in the hotel. Stunned, the boy overhears the grand witch's plot to eliminate all of the children in England by feeding them candy that will turn them into mice! When he is discovered, the boy knows that the witches are going to kill him, but they test the potion on him instead. Now in mouse form, the boy and hisgrandmother must use all of their wits and cleverness to defeat the witches' evil scheme!


The Grandmother: Smokes, Norwegian, witchophile.
The Narrator: English interested on witches, child, became a mouse.
Narrator’s Parents: Norwegian. They both died in a car accident.
The man in black suit: Lawyer, reads the will of the narrator’s father.
The nurse: Takes care of thegrandmother when she gets sick.
The doctor: Do not admit the grandmother going to Norway.
The Manager: Hates mice, Manages the Hotel Magnificent.
Bruno: Eats a lot, became a mouse.
Mr. Jenkins: Bruno’s father.
Mrs. Jenkins: Bruno’s mother; she hates mice.
William: waiter of the Hotel Magnificent.
William and Mary: the narrator’s mice.
The Grand High Witch: Ugly, uses a mask, the most powerfulwitch.
The Tall Lady: first witch the narrator sees.
Ranghild Hansen: Disappeared child.
Solveg Christiansen: Disappeared child.
Birgit Svenson: Disappeared child.
Harald: Disappeared child.
Leif: Disappeared child
The Witches
Chapter 1: A Note about Witches
“In fairy-tales, witches always wear silly black hats and black cloaks, and they ride on broomsticks. But this is not a fairy-tale. Thisis about REAL WITCHES.”
In this first chapter, the narrator, tell us the difference between the witches in fairy-tales, and the real ones. He says that real witches dress in ordinary clothes and look like ordinary women; they live in ordinary houses and work in ordinary jobs, with these characteristics he justifies why they are so hard to catch.
The second thing he mentions is that witches’passion is to kill the children, in their particular territory; one by one. It doesn’t matter the job a real witch has, she will always be thinking which child she’ll kill next. A real witch kills one child per week.
A witch is always a woman; it can never be a man. They never get caught because of their magical powers. You have to be careful and look for some little signals, habits that allwitches have in common, and if you remember these details you might just possibly manage to escape from being squelched.
Chapter 2: My Grandmother.
The narrator tell us that he had, before he was eight years old, two separate encounters with real witches, if he escaped from them, was due to his wonderful grandmother, the mother of his mother. She smokes a lot, and she is Norwegian, so she knows allabout witches because here is where the first witches came from. The narrator´s parents were also Norwegian, but they both died in a car accident; after this tragedy, he asked his grandmother what they are going to do and she answers that he will stay with her, she will look after him, but she will never leave Norway, so, they are no going back to England.
Here is when the grandmother starts...
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