Todo que ver del bachillerato

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Reading is a part of culture that cannot be forgotten. Respecting other cultures is essential, so we need to read or visit that place in order to know and understandthe way they live, think and react. Reading is needed to develop communicative skills and reflection, which will build an access to culture and global information, building your knowledge upon whatyou read. Reading helps appreciate the different types of literature. It also gives you a chance of improving spelling by visual memory. This will lead us to a reading habit that will improve writing.OBJECTIVES:
· Understand, use, differentiate and know meaning of vocabulary
· Make reading a habit to strengthen critical thinking, besides practicing pause and intonation
· Identify detailsand main ideas
· Read different kinds of texts
· Build skills for TOEFL iBT

· EXAM :30%
· HOMEWORK: 10 %
· Work on time and as asked (name, date, title, page, no copying)
· Every spelling, grammar, punctuation or order mistake will be a point less in the percentage and must be doneagain if you have more than 5 mistakes.
· Complete work at the end of class (no drawings or scribbles)
· Not just writing, speaking in essential (Speak English)
· Turn in clean and legible products
·Must have all material required (this includes a dictionary and the book you will be reading )
· Respecting classmates and team work
· Keep space and classroom clean.
· Actively participate in allactivities and be on task
· Ask and volunteer
· Must be in classroom when the bell rings
· If you are late come in the class without making noise or distracting
· Must always carry your readingbook (the one chosen for each partial)
· Will be accepted if turned in as requested and on time (log in our subject every day to check for homework; no halves will be accepted, must be...
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