Traducción al inglés de contrato de empleada doméstica

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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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Housekeeper Contract

Between– bearer of Personal ID Card No., hereinafter known as THE EMPLOYER on the one hand, and on the other,– of legal age, bearer of Personal ID Card No.,hereinafter known as THE HOUSEKEEPER have agreed to enter this labor contract for Housekeeping Services acknowledging the following clauses:

FIRST: THE HOUSEKEEPER commits herself with theemployer to render in a regular and continuous form, with the utmost honesty and good will, complying with any orders and instructions given to her as well as general and various services and tasks that arehome related, corresponding to a housekeeper. Apart from the chores specified under this clause (see annex), THE HOUSEKEEPER agrees to carry out any assignment that THE EMPLOYER deems necessary.SECOND: THE HOUSEKEEPER shall render her services at –. THE EMPLOYER may request that said services be provided in another place, as long as it is related to the first clause.

THIRD: THEHOUSEKEEPER shall work a regular Monday to Sunday shift with one weekend off every 15 days.

FOURTH: Whenever THE HOUSEKEEPER needs to request additional days off, she may do so with at least 48 hours inadvance, said permission must be approved by THE EMPLOYER and said time shall be repaid in the form that THE EMPLOYER deems fit.

FIFTH: Both parties agree that any object that is damaged due tomishandling or inadequate use shall be discounted from THE HOUSEKEEPER’S salary (For Example: Broken Decorations).

SIXTH: Both parties agree that the first three months shall be under probation.SEVENTH: THE EMPLOYER may deem this contract terminated due to non-fulfillment on behalf of one of the contracting parties and without obligation on behalf of THE EMPLOYER regarding severance pay,seniority bonus, proportional thirteenth month’s pay and proportional vacations, if the contract is terminated during the first two (2) probation months.

EIGHTH: THE EMPLOYER is obliged to pay THE...