Transactional and inteactional function of language

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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2011
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In our everyday lives we are always facing the fact of communication. No matter what kind of communication we use to give a message, not matter if it is writing, spoken or by sings, the importance ofit is the intention and the value of the information that we are transmitting.
There are several linguistics forms and functions, but we are only going to study two of them. They are related to theexpression of the content and how we get involved in expressing social relationships with anyone.
The first function is transactional; this linguistic form according to linguists and linguisticphilosophers is the ability to communicate knowledge skills and information, it is readily used by feelings, emotions, moods or attitudes; it is also related to the intentional transmission of truthful, orproportional information.
The faculty of the human being language is how we can transmit information, it is a development of the ability to transfer the message that we want to let know.
Atransactional function is also related to the speaker’s primarily thought that he wants to convey, and it is important that the recipient gets the message appropriately, if not there will be plenty oftroubles communications and devastating consequences in the society.
Some examples of this function are when a citizen gives some information to a traveler, or a teacher explains an exam to be done, or ascientist explain an experiment already done.
On the other hand we have interactional function; this linguistic form according to sociologist and sociolinguistics is what allows us to talk aboutour environment, it also indicates friendliness co-operation, hostility, pleasure, and so on.
This function is more like a contribution conversation than an instance of information giving, it is likean everyday human interaction in the society, it is a normal even informal daily conversation between people, maybe would be just a comment while we are in a queue (sharing point of view), or we...