Translator as a learner

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By, Carrasco, Juan Rodríguez Arelys

Translation is always intelligent behavior.

t’s a complex process and unconsciou s learning.
The reliable translator shouldn't make (major) mistakes, sos/he shouldn't try to translate fast.

This does not means that good translator memorize vast quantities of linguistic and cultural knowledge

Requiring creative problem-solving in noveltextual, social and cultural conditions.

The translator solves complex translation problems; but they do not do this by memorizing thingss

Translating Thinking about something that happenedInterpreting

Surfing the Internet

Reading a book

T r a n s T l h a e t o r ’ s

M e m o r y

• The setting in which a thing is found or occurs is extremely importat for the associations. •Translators tend to be more placedependent.

• The less relevance a thing is to you, the harder it will be for you to remember it. • Things that do not impinge on our life experience "go in oneear and out the other."

• The more senses you use to register and rehearse something, the more easily you will remember it. • These channels, which provides a complex support network for memory thatis exponentially more effective than a single channel.

Multiple Encoding




• Relationship-driven translators often become interpreters, sothat cross-cultural communication is always in a context of interpersonal relationship as well.


• Focus their attention on specialized terms and terminologies and the object worldsthey represent; syntactic structures and crosslinguistic transfer patterns

Visual External
•Visual-external translators usually do not become interpreters; in fact, it may seem to them as ifinterpreters have no "source text" at all, because they can't see it. •Translation for these people is often a process of visualizing source-text.

Visual Internal
•Visual-internal translators also...
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