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Our Background and Design Culture
At Canvas & Tent we have been manufacturing tents since 1968. Our experience of over more than forty years has given us the knowledge which has set us apart from our competitors, establishing us as the market leader serving militaries, humanitarian organizations, game reserves, safari destinations and adventurers. Our proud heritage asa preferred supplier to the military worldwide is a direct result of our continual striving to exceed the expectations that these markets demand of our products and services. Situated in the rolling foothills of the Drakensburg mountains in Ladysmith, South Africa, our factory is dedicated and committed to setting new standards in manufacturing, enabling us to offer our customers, world-wide,through our global distribution network in Africa, Australia, Europe and the USA, the peace-of-mind that our products are designed to impress and built to last. Bushtec Safari, our division dedicated to the Safari Market, offers years of experience in planning and design as well as a unique understanding of our client’s environment from hunting and guest lodges to luxurious five-star safari camps.BACKGROUND & DESIGN
At Bushtec Safari our in-house design department is fully cognisant with the expectations of our client’s discerning guests and is able to design luxury safari tents according to customised specifications. The design approach is one of innovation as we strive to create the luxurious comforts of home along with five-star comfort in a tented camp. After all we are in thebusiness of creating everlasting guest experiences – unique accommodation in the outdoors that brings you closer to nature. Our design department’s unwavering commitment to quality successfully combines comfort and luxury in a product which has a deserved reputation for long-term durability. This is an investment which delivers a significant ROI over time, thanks to the quality fabrics,workmanship and quality control measures in place in our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. Every Bushtec Safari design has its own unique character, which enhances your camp or lodge. Our attention to detail covers the living space, bathrooms and common areas (such as libraries, bars and dining rooms), and we pay special attention to the finishes, including doors, windows and roofs.Industrial-strength zips provide strength and durability but in the event of misuse, these are replaceable. Only Ripstop high-tear canvas is used and the stitching is coated, to protect against climatic forces such as rain and ultraviolet exposure. Optional PVC floor linings are welded together before being stitched to the canvas and fireretardant coatings can be applied on request.

Unique Features
• Doubleroof structure • Galvanised/Stainless Steel framing • Durable canvas body • Large windows • Exterior tubing • Zipper/Velcro doors for easy entry and exit • Body chains • UV resistant • Rot proof • Waterproof canvas

Standard Luxury Safari Tents
• 4 Leg Frame Assembly • 4 Leg PVC Flysheet • 4 Leg Shadenet Flysheet • 3.50m x 3.50m Body size (sleeping area) • Howard /Sand Colour Exterior and Interior • Serengeti style door front and rear • With square tubing • Without PVC floor Total length = 6.30m Total width = 5.10m

Our range of Standard and Flagship Luxury Safari Tents can be customised to your exact specifications and guest requirements.

• 5 Leg Frame Assembly • 5 Leg PVC Flysheet •5 Leg Shadenet Flysheet • 3.50m x 5.22m Body size (sleeping area) • Howard / Sand Colour Exterior and Interior • Serengeti style door front and back • With square tubing • Without PVC floor Total length = 8.40m Total width = 5.10m


Without en-suite ablution facilities i.e. no extended canvas and shadenet flysheet over steel framework...
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