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Supporting documents are those that serve as the basis of evidence in the development of a recorded document, such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, receipts, vouchers, payroll, occupancy daily report, daily summary of sales of foodand beverages , Dry Cleaning daily report, daily report of goods received, records of bank deposits, list of collectors, a list of cash receipts, bank notices of debits and credits, departmental cash reports, reports of receiving cash, notes or requisitions output etc. warehouse.
Was formulated to record credit sales. its source is the ratio of accounts receivables prepared by the night auditor, inaccordance with the supporting documentation signed by customers or guests and other reports provided by the various production departments such as restaurants, bars, telephones, laundry, dry cleaning and other

Hotel Financial System:
is a configurable, allowing the customer to adapt the system to their operations, allowing in turn handle multiple companies and currencies.
The system allowsthe hotel industry have a tool on which to set the system into a hotel, which in turn provides essential accounting elements unique to the hospitality industry.
Created under the modular concept so that the client has the opportunity to acquire the desired modules, but also allowing seamless integration between modules, making it one of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) market morecomplete.

Financial Model
The System typically generates a 24 to 36 month payback depending on the luxury level of the property, size, physical layout and labor rules drive the ROI analysis.
The luxury level of the property, size, physical layout and rules drive the ROI outcome.
This translates to significant savings over the life of the System (typically ten to fifteen years). Investment analysisshows that ProHost® consistently exceeds the 15% hurdle rate for IRR and NPV calculations.
In one case study, the annual savings were extrapolated over the seventeen years of operating the ProHost® System (while utilizing the same processes established in year one). Since implementation the ProHost® System has generated over $4,500,000 in savings, the property has reinvested $32,870 in equipmentrefurbishment over the years, less than 1% of its accumulated savings, to maintain the integrity of the program.

The financial benefit of the System can be viewed even more clearly when a leasing model is evaluated. With a lease, the System investment can be shifted to the operating line of the budget. The net effect is a reduction in the total operating expense for the housekeepingdepartment. The monthly lease payment is less than the monthly savings generated, thus decreasing the housekeeping cost per room expense and improving the net income of the hotel’s operation.
Hotel Finance is a comprehensive textbook, designed especially for the students of Hotel Management. The book explores theoretical financial concepts relevant to the hospitality organizations, such as FinancialAnalysis and Planning, Management of Working Capital, Capital Budgeting, Long Term Financing for Hospitality Organizations in detail. The book imparts a good understanding of financial principles to the students of hospitality studies and discusses issues related to the changes in the financial environment affecting the hospitality business.

Under general supervision, performhighly responsible professional accounting work in the development of the annual county budget and the monitoring of expenditures through the monthly trial balance. Manages the Controller's Division in the absence of the Controller and performs liaison function with the Systems and Data Processing Division; and to do related work as required. The position has substantive participation in...
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