Tv mean of communication or bad influence

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“TV: From mean of communication and source of information to bad influence?”

Across the time, TV has been gaining more influence towards us and, though we want it ornot, nowadays it plays a major role in people’s lives.
But, why do people blame TV for the way children behave? Or because what they see on it? If nobody forces themto watch it.
Recent studies show that the average American people watch TV is about more than four hours a day, children from 6 months to 6 years old spend on average 2hours a day on watching television, using a computer or playing a video game. That is three times as long as they spend reading or being read to.

Yes, it is true thatnowadays it is almost impossible, due to its importance, not to watch TV because it is a very efficient mean of communication, and a powerful teaching tool, but, peoplehave the capacity of choosing what they want to see on it, and what they want their children to see too. Now, they have the possibility of using the “Parental Control”that allows them to block channels they consider “inappropriate” for their kids.

Another important factor that causes children to be more time watching TV, is theshort amount of attention they receive from their parents, and this is caused because parents have become accustomed to leave children watching TV while they’re doinganother activities

Fifty-seven percent of television programs contain psychologically harmful violence.
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