Unica mirandom al mar

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European Union Public Licence
V. 1.1
EUPL © the European Community 2007
This European Union Public Licence (the “EUPL”) applies to the Work or Software
(as defined below) whichis provided under the terms of this Licence. Any use of the
Work, other than as authorised under this Licence is prohibited (to the extent such use
is covered by a right of thecopyright holder of the Work).
The Original Work is provided under the terms of this Licence when the Licensor (as
defined below) has placed the following notice immediately followingthe copyright
notice for the Original Work:
Licensed under the EUPL V.1.1
or has expressed by any other mean his willingness to license under the EUPL.
1. Definitions
In thisLicence, the following terms have the following meaning:
- The Licence: this Licence.
- The Original Work or the Software: the software distributed and/or communicated
by the Licensorunder this Licence, available as Source Code and also as Executable
Code as the case may be.
- Derivative Works: the works or software that could be created by the Licensee,
basedupon the Original Work or modifications thereof. This Licence does not define
the extent of modification or dependence on the Original Work required in order to
classify a work as aDerivative Work; this extent is determined by copyright law
applicable in the country mentioned in Article 15.
- The Work: the Original Work and/or its Derivative Works.
- TheSource Code: the human-readable form of the Work which is the most
convenient for people to study and modify.
- The Executable Code: any code which has generally been compiled and whichis
meant to be interpreted by a computer as a program.
- The Licensor: the natural or legal person that distributes and/or communicates the
Work under the Licence.
- Contributor(
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