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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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The health benefits of grape derived much of its nutrient components as a number of other substances, whose properties are studied in recent research. Because of its special composition,these fruits have a diuretic effect beneficial if hyperuricemia or gout and kidney stones (helps eliminate uric acid and its salts), hypertension or other diseases associated with fluid retention.
YO:The anthocyanins are the pigments responsible for the color of red grapes and red and are absent in the white varieties. Tannins give them the sensation of astringency to green grapes. Among theflavonoids, resveratrol is the most recognized. It is found mainly in the skin of red grapes and red and has antifungal properties, ie, prevents the growth of fungi in grapes. Recent studies show thatantioxidants block the formation contribute to such substance. Flavonoids and resveratrol, in particular, produce the following benefits on circulation in the arteries
Tanya: Recent scientific studieshave shown its effectiveness to inhibit or block tumor growth, therefore we recommend the regular consumption of grapes in cancer and if you have risk factors. In essence, we can ensure that the grapesand the must (grape juice) are foods that promote the health of the arteries and heart. For the benefits of antioxidants, adds the contribution of potassium and magnesium, minerals involved in musclecontraction and heart.
Antioxidants and Free Radicals
All the above compounds have antioxidant capacity. During the processes occurring in cells are generated substances harmful to the body, calledfree radicals, and directly related to the development of cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, cancer and the aging process itself. High in fiber The grapes for their fiber content is amild laxative. Is recommended to consume unpeeled grapes with seeds, because that is where the substances that promote intestinal motility and help regulate its operation.
However, their use should...
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