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OpenCV 2 Computer Vision
Application Programming

Over 50 recipes to master this library of programming
functions for real-time computer vision

Robert Laganière


OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application
Programming Cookbook
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First published: May 2011

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ISBN 978-1-849513-24-1

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Robert Laganière
Wajihullah Biaq
Luis Gomez
Vladislav Gubarev

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Joel Johnson
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Kruthika Bangera

About the Author
Robert Laganière is a professor at the University of Ottawa,Canada. He received his Ph.D.

degree from INRS-Telecommunications in Montreal in 1996. Dr. Laganière is a researcher in
computer vision with an interest in video analysis, intelligent visual surveillance, and imagebased modeling. He is a co-founding member of the VIVA research lab. He is also a Chief
Scientist at, a company offering a cloud-based solution for remote monitoring.Dr. Laganière is the co-author of Object-oriented Software Engineering published by McGraw
Hill in 2001.
Visit the author's website at

I wish to thank all my students at the VIVA lab. I learn so much from them.
I am also grateful to my beloved Marie-Claude, Camille, and Emma for their
continuous support.

About the Reviewers
Wajih Ullah Baig holds a Honors.Degree in Computer Science from Hamdard University,

Karachi. He works mostly with with desktop applications and has good experience working
with large-scale distributed systems. He has interest in DSP, image processing, pattern
recognition, and network programming. He has worked on a large-scale content-based video
retrieval project which is one of its kind. Currently, he is working withthe Center for Advanced
Research in Engineering, Islamabad, Pakistan where he holds a position as a design engineer.
As a freelancer, he contributes work for open source projects and posts codes of his own.
I would like to thank all my friends and family for their support whilst
reviewing the book. Especially my roommate, Dara Baig!

Lluís Gómez i Bigordà holds a Masters degree in ComputerScience from the Universitat
Oberta de Catalunya.

I would like to thank all my family and friends for their support while I was
reviewing this book, especially to Antonia, my daughter. I owe you one!

Vladislav Gubarev was born in 1987 in Baku, USSR.
He graduated from Southern Federal University (Russia) with honors. He has a Bachelor
(2007) and a Specialist (2008) diplomas of applied...
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