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• Company name: tamales Dona ari.
• Type of business: Manufacture, Sale, Distribution of Tamales.
• Number of employees: 20,392 people.
• Branch to which he belongs: Food.History
It is a business that has 30 years of having a presence in the city of Durango, all started as a home business in making tamales, with only three varieties of tamales, which were red chicken,rajas an
and cheese, sweet with raisins, distributed in small local supermarket, a few restaurants, and sold directly in the house.
Currently there are over 10 different kinds of tamales, they haveoutlets throughout the city, such as margaritas, Mexican Fiesta, also distributed in the Oxxo, Circle K, Sanborn's, Creameries Wallander, some other restaurants, manufacturing special orders localcompanies.
manufacturing special orders local companies.
Can be considered to have a good position in the market for quality, service and product variety offered to the market, if someone wantedto compete in the market would face an experience of over 30 years market.
Organization chart
General Management: 1 person.
Purchasing Manager: 1 person.
Sales management and distribution: 1person.
Have difficulty finding qualified personnel in the field is handled, the training provided must be very precise and as efficiently as possible. The staff isentirely feminine, there is staff turnover. You have to hire extra staff at times when a product is requested, such as at Christmas time, New Year, kings, February 2 and others, unlike other industries inthe market will rehire sta
unlike other industries in the market will rehire staff already worked in the business temporarily.
Being in the general tax regime, there is no impact on productprice, only what is spent on paperwork and accounting, which is minimal.
Factors affecting demand and supply
• The prolonged hot weather.
• The season of Lent.
• Daylight Saving Time....
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