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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2012
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March 3/2012
Love or Money
Love or Money by Rowena Akinyemi, published in 2004 by Oxford University
Rowena Akinyemi is British and after many years in Africa, she now leaces and work in Cambridge.She was worked in English Language teaching for 20 years, in Africa and England, and has been writing ELT fiction for 10 years, Love or Money was her first novel for Oxford Bookworms.

The primaryidea of this book is a family that depends on Molly, the head of a house and a big garden, and all of her sons wanted her money but anyone do nothing to her, except one of her sons that kill her. Inmy point of view this book wasn’t interesting, at the first part is kind of goof but then the author finishes the book, in a silly way.

Chapter 1
In this chapter starts introducing the charactersas Jackie Clarkson, his sister Diane and her mother Molly, in this chapter begin when Molly wants a reunion and Diane asks money for that, another good point that is relevant is the first discussionbetween Molly and Diane
Chapter 2
In this second chapter, new characters appear in scene, Roger and Uncle Albert, Roger was one of the three sons of Molly, and Uncle Albert, is the husband of Molly’ssister, in this chapter is developed in the living room in a dinner, when the Clarkson’s have a problem, and Molly decided to go to her room and sleep, Meanwhile Jackie, Diane, Albert and Roger wastalking in the kitchen, and in one moment to another appear Tom and Peter in scene. In my opinion this is one of the chapters, that is better developed in all the book
Chapter 3
In chapter three,Molly is find dead in her room and only two people plus the doctor knew that she was dead, Diane and Roger were worried about what can happen to them but, in somehow, they were happy because they would berich, and they wouldn’t have to worry about more money in their entire life

Chapter 4
In this chapter 4, the police arrive to the house, and basically they ask questions to all the family, in...
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