I am a dr in engineering

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Ravi Maranganti

Seeking a challenging and rewarding position with a growth-oriented organization that will enable me to utilize my strong academic background and excellent technicalskills.

• Qualified Mechanical Engineer with excellent background in Physics: Extensive experience in mechanics of materials, elasticity, strength of materials, vibrational anddynamical analysis, solid state physics, quantum mechanical and ab initio atomistic simulations.
• Knowledgeable in a variety of computing languages, engineering and multiscale modeling software.• Effective communicator with good inter-personal skills and excellent team player.

• Seismic Imager, USI, CGGVeritas Inc. , Houston (2009-Present)
• ResearchAssistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston (2006-2009)
➢ Used a combination of theory and simulation (finite elements, ab initio and empirical atomistic techniques)to test novel energy harvesting techniques in materials.
➢ Developed and tested multiscale models to establish the spatio-temporal limits of continuum electromechanical theories.
➢Developed numerical codes in FORTRAN for modeling vibrational phonon dispersion curves in ceramics and semiconductors.
• Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University ofHouston (2004-2006)
➢ Assisted in instruction, grading and one-on-one student tutoring in subjects such as Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Kinematics, Dynamics and Partial DifferentialEquations.
• Internship, Hindustan Machine Tools, India (2003)
➢ Developed and implemented a control mechanism (in MATLAB) for a gas turbine based hybrid vehicle to carry out system levelanalysis and trade-off studies.

• PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston (GPA: 3.92/4) May 2009
• B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Indian...
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