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The Hunger Games

In the movie The Hunger Games can appreciate the love that moves families in real life because many people sacrificed their lives for those who love.
shown in the movie as inreal life as people enjoy seeing large series of Realitis which manifest in situations where pain is measured suffering and even love. large companies that create these Realitis simply do not care thegood of those who participate in this medium, if not money and preference hacerca viewers of these programs., therefore do their best to keep the attention of the public in any cost.
The film alsoshows how consumerism is part of the political influences or magnates who rule through money worldwide.
in real life manifests a situation in which the people of the highest rank, the highest level ormost powerful popular belief not only own the world of money or consumerism if not also own the lives of people who do not have the same range and power. people how are you somehow not realize the truevalue in life and how the media has sold them the idea that without them we are nothing, simply become ignorant wasting any proper sense of their own lives. however an important aspect that washighlighted during the movie and it fits perfect in today's society is like distenguen people still continue to express feelings regardless of the opinions of others, as is the case with her ​​partner Peetaand Katniss belonging district 12, they continued risk despite his manifest realiti duarante the values ​​of solidarity, tolerance and respect, which give way to feelings such as anxiety, compassion,sadness, despair and even the love, to some give the public as a perfect performance to support them, but not realizing the public that these are real feelings which lead to Peeta and Katniss tosacrifice for one another.
the media often shapes the human being as a machine without realizing that that not only is an amazing creation but a mysterious result that encompasses much more, Peeta and...
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