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Your Country under the Status of Participants by Country (check the website) Brazil/ Sao Paulo Your video number 6

Q. What is your motive for participating in the K-pop Cover DanceFestival?
I want to participate in the contest because I want to know MBLQ win and tell you that in my country there are fans of Korean groups
Q. Who is your most favourite Korean singer and why?
Yongchul Bang (mir), Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) all MBLAQ Chunjie bi rain, because they dance well are tender, cheerful with good personality
Q. “K-POP has changed me in a way!!” Do you feel this way?(Please give us specific details on how it has changed you)
*For example: Interacted with more Koreans / Movies, Broadcasts etc. Gained an interest in the Korean culture etc.
*For example:Changed your personality/ K-POP has given you a more active life etc.
personally I've become a people person, with no fear and can deal with the public power
Q. Describe your most memorable moment inyour life.
my first performance, the power go on stage is what I enjoy doing.
Q. “I am this kind of person!!” What do you think makes you special and different from other participants?
The differenceis that I put much effort, commitment to dance and I feel like I do with all my heart because I like and it's in my soul
Q. Describe some of your talents and special skills (Does not have to berelated to dance)
how to dance, draw, I'm happy, I like reading books, sleep late and I like to share many moments with my friends
Q. What would you like to do most if you come to visit Korea? (Whatwould you want to do when you meet Korean idols?)
I'd like to meet my favorite artists, visit beautiful places, learn more about their culture and their food. with artists visiting parks Humorous knowmore people and spend fun times
Q. If you proceed to local competition, will you be able to come to the local competition? (Selected participants will be contacted individually, so contact number is...
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