Analisis poetico de la pelicula amores perros

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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1. - Poetic justice is a literary device in which virtue is ultimately rewarded or vice is punished. This is often accomplished by an ironic “twist of fate”. There are several examplesof poetic justice in the film “Amores Perros”. Please explain or describe two examples.
The main poetic justice on the film is when Octavio realized He could make a lot of money doing his dogfights, after this He decided to run away with his brother’s wife called Susana after he gets enough money.
Another example is when Daniel decides to leave his family to be with Valeria, his lover who isa super model. Unfortunately she was in the accident and lost her leg and her relationship with Daniel was not the magic relationship any more.
2. – Love is an emotion of strong affection andpersonal attachment. Love can mean a variety of different feelings in different contexts. This can range from familial love to deep kindness/friendship to sexual love. What type of love relationshipsoccurred (if any) between the following characters: Susana and Octavio; Ramiro and Octavio; the “Old man” and his dogs; Valeria and Joel.
Octavio has an obsession to protect Susana from Ramiro’s abuse andtake her as his spouse, Susana sees Octavio as a scape.
Octavio is jealous of his older brother Ramiro because he has accomplished many things that Octavio hasn’t, and Ramiro always had power overhim. Octavio doesn’t have any respect for his brother, and doesn’t care about getting a love relation whit his brother’s wife.
When Chivo (old man) leave the jail, he decides to live out of the societyand finds a family in his dogs, starting a strong relationship with them, taking care for their health, alimentation and needs.
Daniel is a publisher who leaves his family to live with a modelValeria. Their relationship was very passionate and lovely until she gets her leg broken in the accident with Octavio’s car, and she has to be at home. Her dog Richie disappears under the floorboards for...