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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2012
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Technological advances have allowed humans to have tools "to make easier" everyday challenges of life, but along with these advances we could find that have been unleashed physical and behavioraldiseases in humans, in some cases we can not disentangle the effects generated from technology to our homes, some of these are related to eating disorders, as information technology and communicationsinviting us to choose behaviors for not be far from national and international trends which imposes the market, this is called "fashion."

By great scholars of the psychology of human In This studyof the evolution and behavior human change, been to determine that some the difficulties in the early stages of the teenage years, some of these causes and difficulties have arisen because to thestigmatization for to maintain standards set by society, among these we find the bulimia and anorexia.

Particularly with regard to anorexia, this is an eating disorder which is that the person removesthe food consumption for fear they arrive to adversely affect their physical appearance, little by little the body is generating a rejection for food consumption of these.

Anorexia has a highestmortality rate any psychiatric illness, however, an individual can overcome this disorder and regain their health this with a profesional medic and the help of a professional the behavior, sometimesalso perhaps be hospitalized to aid in their recovery.

Often arises others mental health disorders as clinical depression, anxiety, and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

To delve intothis subject is recomensable consider the following advances made by a interested in subject, these are tips that can expand the focus of the population in this area, this is:

“ Anorexics seethemselves as obese no matter how much they weigh or how thin they look in the mirror.
Women aren't the only sex at risk as more and more men are developing Anorexia too.
Sadly, the anorexics refuse...
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