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2.Triple Entente/ Allied Powers: The Triple Entente was created because nations like Great Britain and tsarist regime of Russia were not happy when Germany and Austria decided to create and allience. The triple Entente began with and agreetment between France and Britain in 1904 and later an agreement between Britain and Russian in 1907. However in 1914 the three nations signed a military pact.This is very important because if nations did not make aliences World War I woud have never happened because problems like these could have resolve without very country “helping” each other.

Schlieffen Plan: The Schlieffen Plan was a strategy created in 1905 by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen. Germany had a fear of a war on two fronts so the Schlieffen Plan was created. The Plan calledfor a knockout of France, followed by a defensive action against Russia. German planner came up with this strategy because the knew that Russian could not assemble their soldiers and military supplies as quickly as the French. The reason this is important is because this gave Germany a few weeks to put all their energy and time on France. However the plan raised serious problems as Germany had tofigure out how to get all the soldiers over to France and Belgium but most importantly it was an obstacle to those trying to keep world peace.

The Home Front: Helmuth Karl von Moltke (1800-1891) knew before 1914 that the war going on in Europe would not end with a single battle. Home front is a term use to acknowledge how effectively each nation was able to mobilize its economy and theircitizens to support war efforts. As Moltke predicted the war did not end with a single battle and went on beyond Christmas of 1914 belligerent nations began to give control over the society to the military leaders. This is important because belligerent governments militarized civilian war production by giving control to the government over private enterprises.

8.Russian Revoluton of 1917: TheGreat War cause many changes in Russia. In the spring of 1917 stirkes began in Petrograd because of the lose of soldiers and food shortage. Police could not control the crowds and Tsar Nicholas II had to give up his throne. For the first time in three hundred years Russia was no longer a monarchy. The revolution spread through the country and the political power would shift from two new agencies:the provisional government and the Petrograd soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies. This is important because between February and October there was a political struggle. In the middle of the political struggle a man names Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stepped in. Lenin had lived in exile in Switzerland. Lenin grew in a warm and loving home but shortly after his father's death his two brothers werearrested and hanged for plotting to kill the Tsar. The following years Lenin had a brief career as a lawyer and then spent some time abroad learning about Marxist thoughts. Lenin believed that in other to have a seccueful revolution people must have a leader. The Bolsheviks a minority among the revolutionary working class parties, eventually gained control of the Petrograd soviet. In September Leninencourage people to take over the winter palace with armed forces to seize political control. The power was then passed to Lenin and the Bolshevik party.

Paris Peace Conference of 1919: In 1919 the victorious powers met in Paris to talk about postwar settlemetns and set terms for the nations that were defeated. Both sides had high hopes for this meeting but after it was done it left manypeople unhappy. There was repesentatives from each nation but the leaders from Great Britain, France and the United States control the conversation. The Allies did not allow the Central powers to participate. The Soviet Union was not invitated to this conference. As a result of the Paris Peace Conference the Treaty of versailles was signed, this made Germany take all blame for the war, have...
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