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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2012
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Autism is a very severe/complex disorder linked to the brains biological abnormalities or malfunctions that up to this day is not fully understood, but it has been and will continue to be an activerange of investigation. Begins at birth or within the first 2 to three years of live, it affects mainly the brains natural growth or development of both social and interaction abilities. Children withautism could have speech problems and unfortunately some of them never learn to speak. Autism varies significantly in character and severity; it’s very common in all ethnicities, socioeconomic groupsand cultures. Experts estimate that 3 out of 6 children of every 1000 will suffer autism. Males have 4 times more probabilities or suffering from autism than females. Like it was mentioned above theexact cause of autism is still a mystery because of the fact that is such a complex disorder, there is no two children with autism similar. Some of the causes that have been pointed at aregenetic/inherited problems and environmental elements.
Various autistic children develop normally from birth but many develop different, parents usually question that something is wrong with their child atabout 18 months of age. Some autistic children seem normal before age 2 or 3 and then unexpectedly forget or lose all verbal and social abilities that they previously obtained. Children with autismusually have issues or difficulties in: social interactions both oral and nonverbal communication, does not like to make friends, may not answer to smiles may even avoid eye contact, likes to be alone andshows extreme, low or no response to pain. A quite common characteristic in autism individuals is their perseverative or repetitive behavior /routine, due to their inability to fully comprehend andhandle changing situations. They drink/eat the same at all meals, they use the same route coming or going to school, is something is slightly changed the child may get extremely mad and tantrum.
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