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The dress of the Aztecs represented the complex social structure.
While there are features that are repeated in most pre-Columbian cultures, ie, use of animal skins in thebeginning, production of plant pigments to dye the garments, manufacture of textiles by weaving, a task reserved for women, the use feathers and gold for the nobles or the emperor, the Aztecs were notablefor the diversity of the colorful costumes and presenting
The Mexican people were a sculptor and that good people could make sculptures of all sizes in which religious themes embodied nature.Captured the essence of what they wanted to represent and then performed their works in detail. In the larger sculptures used to represent gods and kings. The smaller the representations used foranimals and common objects. The Aztecs used the stone and wood sculptures and sometimes decorated with paint colors or precious stones.

Music and Dance
Music, song and dance accompany allreligious ceremonies, marriages, funerals, sacrifices, the political character as the rise of a new leader, the warrior character and even the festivities associated with calendrical cycles. The religiousdances are performed in the courtyards of the temples. Some musical instruments used are Teponaztli, Tecomapiloa, Omichicahuaztli, Huehuetl, Coyolli, Chililitli, chicahuaztli, Cacalachtli, Ayotl,Ayacahtli, Tetzilacatl, Ayoyotes.

Much of the food in Mexico today came from the Aztecs. Above all, they eat corn and beans. Corn and beans have complementary amino acids. Therefore, the Aztecscould eat many of the nutrients they needed with only these foods. Before the introduction of agriculture, the Aztecs ate only uncooked or roasted over a fire. Then they used for cooking corn dough.This mass was a part of cakes, tortillas, and other foods. They also ate chiles, testing for its strong flavor

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