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  • Publicado : 14 de agosto de 2012
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The woman who disappeared

Name: Renato Sáenz

Teacher: Melisa Morales

Intermide 3

Chapters: 11-20


Len was driving toward the Manson Building, He had asurprised. He looked in the mirror. The yellow car was coming up fast behind he. Len drove as fas as He could, but the yellow car got closer and closer. He braked hard and the trys screamed as theChrysler stopped suddenly to avoid the dog. The two men in the yellow car weren´t hurt. But their car was badly damaged at the front. Len ran back to he Chrysler, jumped in a drove on. He knockedquietly, but there was no answer. He opened the door slowly and looked into the room. The porter was sitting at his desk, asleep. Len went up to the desk and noticed a piece of paper lying by the telephone.There was a telephone number written on the paper 323.0313. This number were Las Cabanas. Len went home, washed, changed and had a meal. He went to Las cabanas. Exactly at eleven thirty, HelenGarfield came into the nightclub. She sat next to me, with her back to he dancing floor. They started talking about Elaine Garfield, of all that had happened in these last days and Len said that He had beenwondering why Helen asked He to meet she here, Las cabanas. Helen picked her bag up from the floor and walked over towards the ladies toilet. Lens at by the dance floor in Las Cabanas, waiting forHelen Grafield to come back from the toilet. He was waiting for her to answer his question. He got up and walked over towards the entrance. There was a man standing by the front door of the nightclub.Len asked a man if he had seen Helen. The man said yes, she asked he to get her a taxi. Len decide to leave. He stood up and started walk towards the door. He saw Jo and his tall friend. Len stoppedand looked very unfriendly. He was caught. He could not go out of the door and J o was right behind Len. They started fight. Len got up quickly and ran out throught one of the doors into the...
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