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Corporate Responsibility 2010

Research In Motion • 295 Phillip Street Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3W8 •

A Message from the Co-CEOs

Mike Lazaridis
Co-CEO, Research In Motion

Jim Balsillie
Co-CEO, Research In Motion

Efficiency and respect are two hallmarks of a responsible corporation and of RIM’s corporate culture. In 1999, RIM launched the very first BlackBerryhandheld device to enable instant, highly secure, wireless email for people on the move. The BlackBerry solution was a technological break-through that revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. From the beginning, it used network resources and power efficiently, and RIM continues to lead the industry with resource-efficient products and services today. Wirelessly efficient productsbenefit the environment and enable our customers to enjoy a better mobile experience. The BlackBerry solution uses electrical power efficiently, which means devices last longer and require less frequent charging. It also uses the scarce radio spectrum efficiently, which can translate to more economical pricing options for users, and enables wireless carriers to support a larger number of customerson their networks. At RIM, the value of respect is also paramount and it is extended to the environment, our employees, the communities in which we work, and our many business partners. In the design and manufacture of our products, RIM seeks to treat the environment with respect by lessening our impact on it. Our efforts include material selection procedures, supply chain audits, packagingassessment and reduction programs, and product sustainability programs. As a corporation, respect is formalized in our business standards and principles and in innovative HR practices and procedures. Respect for our employees has garnered recognition for RIM as an employer of choice and has enabled RIM to attract and hire the best people. Respect for our communities and a strong commitment to communityengagement has made RIM an outstanding corporate citizen. In this spirit of RIM’s historical efforts and continued commitment to improve its business practices, we are pleased to present RIM’s inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report. We look forward to building on this initial report to document and share details on our sustainability efforts.

Corporate Responsibility 2010


Committedto Responsible Operations
Research In Motion® (RIM®) is focused on building ground-breaking wireless technology. It is dedicated to managing its business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner. This Corporate Responsibility Report outlines RIM’s commitment to conscientious operations, corporate citizenship, and the efficient use of scarce and shared networkresources. It highlights how RIM is confronting challenges currently facing the wireless industry, and describes activities and programs that RIM has in place to address them. It also discusses steps RIM is taking to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and improve documentation of existing practices.

In its fiscal year ending February 28, 2009, RIM established a dedicated CorporateResponsibility team to lead efforts in monitoring and extending the Company’s sustainability practices. The Corporate Responsibility team collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to consider varied interests.


In its fiscal year ending February 27, 2010 (Fiscal Year 2010), RIM focused on enhancing existing sustainability programs while planning and initiating new ones. In addition, theCorporate Responsibility team worked with many of RIM’s global partners and industry associations in advancing important sustainability ventures. Objectives for Fiscal 2011 include clear communication of RIM’s goals with key stakeholders and addressing those goals through implementing business strategies and practices.
The Corporate Responsibility team welcomes your feedback or comments on this...
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