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November 26, 2007

ExtendScript Toolkit 2.0.2 ReadMe
1. Overview
This document contains a list of new features and known issues in this ExtendScript Toolkit 2 (ESTK) release. The last section describes a few hidden gems, like additional Preferences settings, or how to customize the editor, or add new language definitions to the editor.


What has changed in 2.0.2
Fixes: InstallingESTK 2.0.1 resulted in media failures when installing new Adobe products or repairing existing ones. Palette layout was not restoring correctly after restarting the ESTK. ESTK was using too many CPU cycles, especially when idle. On OS X 10.5, the Object Library was not able to display any help text.

Macintosh only:


What changed in 2.0.1
Fixes: Changing a property value in the DataBrowser was sometimes ignored. When executing a script containing included files, the first included file was sometimes opened in the background. A collapsed text block in a document stayed hidden when deleting the collapsed line. Adding or editing breakpoints was not possible if an Object Model dictionary window was in front. Collapsed text blocks were not expanded when Code Collapse was switched off.The Console was unable to execute multiline commands. The Console did not scroll to the end after displaying a long text. When scrolling a document without changing the cursor position in the document, the document scrolled back to the previous position after it had been resized. The ESTK could not handle files on the root level of the file system. Documents are moved to a visible area if they areabout to be hidden by docked panels.

Windows only: Macintosh only:

New features:

Adobe Systems Incorporated

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November 26, 2007


A new menu item "Window/Reset Panel Locations" restores all panels to their default locations. On the Macintosh, CPU usage has been optimized. The code completion does not attempt to display hints inside comments or quoted text. Windows: ACtrl–click on the document window title bar displays the document filename without its path.


New Features in ESTK 2.0.1
The ESTK comes with a totally new UI which follows the OS specific UI guidelines, i.e. on Windows there is a main window, on Mac OS, there is no main window. Each document window has its own toolbar, where you can connect the document (and its script) to a target andengines of the selected target, and where you find the debugging buttons. The panels are the same panels as for other CS3 applications, so they can be rearranged freely. The ESTK can now debug more than one script (on different targets) at the same time using the toolbar. So, for example, you can debug a script in Photoshop and while still in debug mode start another debug session with a script inInDesign. The ESTK also comes with a new text engine. This engine supports line wrapping and code collapsing and it supports many different syntax highlighting schemes. A keyboard shortcut editor has been added to the Preferences dialog. A new Favorites panel displays user-configurable lists of source files. An improved Console panel lets users cut, copy, and paste texts. Single-line scripts can bere-executed by moving the cursor to that line and pressing the Enter key, and multiple lines can be executed by selecting them and pressing the Enter key. This release contains an Object Model dictionary for the Core JavaScript Classes as well as for the ScriptUI classes under the Help menu. CS3 applications add their own dictionaries when installed, making the browsing of a target application'shost model easy and straightforward. icon to the left of the target popup menu in the To connect to an application, click on the "chain" document window. Hitting any of the debugging buttons such as Run will also automatically launch the target application. There is an option in the Startup preferences to auto-launch the application every time you select the target. Good to know: If the Shift key...
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