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i. What is the sense of the Competence Centre?

The Competence Centre is a place for support of the personal development of young people. Thereby the Centre attaches great importance on competences gained in the informal way, e.g. in family, in spare time activities or in the daily job-life. The Competence Centre gives also place to meet people, to provide learners an opportunity to share,reflect and exchange about life experiences.

The main focus of the Competence Centre is to strengthen the self-help capacity of disadvantaged youths (young people without school leaving certificate, unplaced applicants, drop outs) between 15 and 25 years of age recognizing own potential, which is crucial requirement for a second-chance education or for entering the labour market.

Knowing ownstrengths is essential by

❖ the planning of professional development,
❖ the preparation of the (re-) entry into employment
❖ the professional and personal (re) orientation and
❖ planning future learning activities.

Figure 1 The essence of the Competence Centre

ii. How are the activities of the Competence Centre structured?

The activities carried out in thecompetence centre consist of three elements

❖ competence analysis
❖ job application training
❖ practical training

The methodology of these three elements varies according to its nature.

1. Element: Competence analysis (Self-reflexion)

This consultation process consists of four phases inclusive an additional individual consultation, which leads to the empowerment of theparticipants. The four phases of the consultation can be carried out with individual participants separately or in a form of collective consultation. The consultation is customized according to the personal needs of each particular person, also thanks to an individual resume.

In case of collective consultation the number of participants in one group should not exceed 12 but depending on the targetgroup. By the creation of groups, there must be paid attention on a similar background of the participants concerning their age, educational and social background.[1]

|First introductory phase |
|Aims ||
| |∞ Clarification of the objectives |
| |∞ Introduction of the process |
|Tool used ||
| |Power Point Presentation |
|Required time | |
| |60 min|
|Second detection phase |
|Aim | |
| |∞ Analyse theactivities and personal background |
|Tool used | |
| |ProfilPASS Chapter I |
|Content |...
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