Comparative essay v for vendetta and 1984

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Thesis. ..
V’s revolution could succeed because, even though the parliament manipulated history and media, v took care of making people of London know they were being controlled. Britaninan people, or at least the proles (80 percent) never knew they were being controlled, and although Winston had a similar spirit as V, he never had an influence over the proles.
V and Winston EmmanuelGoldstein y el del 5ofth of novemver guy fawkes

Parliament and big brother n the ministries
Media and history manipulation

Evey and Julia
Proles and londonienses
Big brother and adam sutler.

Introductive essay.

V and winston

Systems parliament and adam sutler and gib brother n the ministries
Media history manipulation
Evey and JuliaProles and londoneisna


Pedro Felipe Escalante Lozano
English Department
Ta Tatiana Caceres Dominguez

Comparative essay, V for Vendetta and 1984

There have been a lot of stories showing anti-utopic societies, since the whole idea of utopia was created. V for Vendetta and 1984 are both great examples of this; they both show a fictional world, where people areoppressed by the government and almost every human right as we know it is somehow violated. This essay is going to show the differences and similarities between both this stories, and also show why thanks to the influence that V, the main character of V for Vendetta, had on the Londoners, and how he made them realise they were controlled, V’s revolution could actually succeed, and why Winston’s didn’t.Both stories have a very important similarity, as they both show a in their main plot an oppressed group of people, it was quite mandatory that their main characters, were somehow revolutionaries, that didn’t agree with how things were managed and wanted to change them.
V, the main character of V for Vendetta, is a really radical person with a high defined moral that is conscious of all themanipulation and oppression of his government, and therefore is disturbed for it. He’s main goal is to have revenge on the government; he knew they were part of some constipations, including the viral experimentation they did to him. As he had to live aside from society, he wasn’t affected by all the government manipulation, but noticed how it affected all the Londoners and he didn’t agree with that,so he started making direct attacks, in his own particular way, to the government, and sending explicit messages to the citizens in order for them to take conscious of the government’s manipulation.
Aside from V, Winston, the main character from 1984, didn’t had that much of an impact on his co-citizens, in fact he never published or told anyone his ideas (except for Julia and O’Brien), eventhough he had essentially the same revolutionary spirit and the same unconformity with how things were going on in his state.
Apart from their beliefs, they both seem to have or an ideological leader or an ideological inspiration, V for an instance, bases his way of attacking the state and the parliament, to how Guy Fawkes1 intended to do in November the fifth of 1605. Throughout the story, V makeshistorical references to Guy Fawkes and his intend of attack, referring to him as somewhat his idol.
On the other side, Winston’s beliefs against the Big brother and the party are shared by a public enemy icon, which somehow works as Winston influence, Emmanuel Goldstein. Goldstein used to be a member of the party but in some point he refused the Big Brother and attacked him, he was expelled ofthe party and started a revolutionary armed force against the party called the brotherhood.
Another important similarity between these two stories, is the way their respective government works and how they manipulate and control people. In V for Vendetta for instance, the government works by a system in which, as in Britain, the parliament takes control of all the legal issues, but at the same...
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