Contrato de renta (en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this ______ day of,__________ , by and between_________________________________
Hereinafter Lessor, and_______________________________________ hereinafter lessee.

WITNESSETH: That for and in consideration of the payment of the rents and the performance of the covenants contained on the part of Lessee, said Lessor does hereby demiseand let unto Lessee, and Lessee hires from Lessor those premises described as:

Located at: __________________________________________________________________________________________________For a tenancy from month-to-month commencing on the ______ day of _____________ , __________ ,and at a monthly rental of _________________________________________________________ dollars ($) per month, payable monthly in advance on the _________ day of each and every month, on the following.

1. Occupants. The said premises shall be occupiedby no more than _______ adults and ______ children.
2. Pets. No Pets shall be brought on the premises without the prior written consent of lessor.
3. Ordinances and Statutes. Lessee shallcomply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities now in force, or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the use of the premises.
4.Repairs or Alterations. Lessee shall be responsible for damages caused by his negligence and that of his family or invitees and guests. Lessee shall not paint, paper or otherwise redecorate or makealterations to the premises without the prior written consent of Lessor. All alterations, additions, or improvements made to the premises with the consent of Lessor shall become the property of Lessorand shall remain upon and be surrendered with the premises.
5. Upkeep of Premises. Lessee shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and upon the...
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