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Eight natural remedies to stimulate the intellect and improve memory:

New experiences: people traveling to many places are usually very intelligent. New experiences stimulate the production ofdopamine, a hormone linked to learning and memory. the important thing is to have new routines. find different hobbies, trips to the beach or other activities, to improve our brain and not shrink withdopamine areas.
Sleep! A very easy and yet widely practiced.
we can not always enough sleep, but we must try. When you sleep the brain processes the knowledge acquired during the day. also relates theinformation and interpret it correctly.
Meditation is ideal, being between asleep and awake improve ideas. If the person is angry or have any other strong emotion, brain activity rises and lowerintellectual ability. People with high numbers of brain activity have problems concentrating and learning.
Fish Oil: it has many nutrients and omega, create new cells, which is perfect for the brain andhelps reduce Alzheimer's.
Blueberries: Another food for the brain. increasing communication and regenerate brain cells.

Human Relations: The socializing and receiving affection from family andfriends helps to brain health. The socializing reduces production of stress. Go dancing or shopping is very good. Provides the body with exercise and challenge the brain must work.

Brain exercises:Brush your teeth with the other hand, doing crossword puzzles, play chess, go shopping in a store that never has been.

Hear classical music: the music, especially classical, increases IQ, stimulatescreativity, increases motivation and improves memory.

Las nuevas experiencias: la gente que viaja a muchos lugares suelen ser muy inteligentes. Nuevas experiencias estimular la producción dedopamina, una hormona relacionada con el aprendizaje y la memoria. lo importante es tener nuevas rutinas. encontrar diferentes aficiones, viajes a la playa u otras actividades, para mejorar nuestro...
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