Dia del negro

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The Day of Black and Afro-Rican Culture.
  August 31, 2000
On August 31, 1920, concluded at Madison Square Garden in New York the "First International Convention on the Status of Blacks" and as aresult of the discussions, was promulgated the "Declaration on the Rights of Blacks." This great event brought together approximately twenty five thousand people, among whom were delegates andintellectuals from various countries around the world, served as a meeting to discuss common problems and try to output status and effective solutions to those problems.
The black history of the world, isfull of struggles and glories, of great men and women, dreams and common hopes. The black part of the history of the countries where it is present and in one way or another, today isstill leading in numerous liberation struggles around the world. The black farmers did not happen to these lands, came because its contribution in manpower and experience was necessary for the development of CostaRica, wasaccepted the challenge and that means putting them in the wilder areas of the country at the time , providing a significant share of their work, their culture and blood.
In the early eighties, at theinitiative of the Costa Rican Teachers' Union (SEC) is set toCosta Rica via Decree, the Black Day celebration on 31 August, the government of DonRodrigo Carazo Odio.
This celebration, which has morethan 70 years of history, was always observed in the African-Limon, however, the establishment of national days, caused much controversy and opposition from some sectors of the country,much extent possible to open forums for discussion and debate around the black contribution to national culture.
Black Day responds to the need to recognize the contributions of Afro-Costa Ricanindustry on anequal footing with the contributions of economic, social and cultural factors that have given the other ethnic groups in the country. It also responds to an open struggleagainst prejudice and...
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