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august 26, 2010

The Minister of health, Jaime Mañalich, visited the mine and inspected items of aid sent to the miners. The Bolivian Consul in Chile also visited the mine and led hiscountry's flag to install on the Hill. (Reuters)

[pic]national Disclose new images of the trapped miners


'Miners are dehydrated and have gone down a lot of weight,' Minister.Lilianett Gómez, daughter of Mario Gomez, one of the 33 miners who remain trapped.
Photo: AP
33 Miners trapped for 21 days at 700 meters deep in the North of Chile suffer dehydration and have gonedown a lot of weight, but his medical condition remains "reasonable", said the Minister of health, Jaime Mañalich this Thursday.
"The medical scene is still reasonable", said Mañalich, to deliver thelatest health of miners group report.
"Clinical assessments that we could have done on our 'medical agent' below, we have a fairly clear idea that suffering from dehydration and have gone down a lotof weight", stated the Minister.
However, that does not has prevented them from making jokes, he added.
The medical agent concerning Mañalich is Jonny Berríos miner, who with some knowledge ofnursing was appointed by the authorities to report from inside the mine the situation of health workers, that meet this Thursday 21 days under the ground.
Miners would have lost eight to 10 kilograms (22pounds) each during the 17 days that were eating poorly before being contacted on Sunday.
After a first stage rehydration, have been gradually solid food by the small tube that connects them withsurface from the bottom of the mine, where were buried on August

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Interrogation to owners of mine lasts 10 hours and will continue tomorrow

• NASA experts will come to Chile toadvise rescuers

• Infographic Look how will be the rescue miners trapped in the San Jose mine

Photo Gallery: Deans of the University of Chile are critical of police action in protests

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