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prevention plan developed by the
District SAFE Office for the schools to assist in creating and maintaining a
positive and welcoming school culture free of violence.

"American Teachers: What Values Do They Hold?"
Do you agree with Slater when he writes, "Teaching is as much a moral effort as it is an intellectual enterprise?" If so, how do you think teachers’ values are reflected in theirteaching?
I definitely agree with Slater, teachers are with children five days a week, eight hours a day. Teachers plants a great amount of values and knowledge, which some will flourish ion the short term and others will flourish in a long term. Many times, teachers know more about these kids than the parents themselves. In order to become a good productive teacher, it is important to showvalues, and manners, it is what we call in education group control. Group control is achieved when a teacher imparts to her children how to follow, a set of rules, values, and manners. When a teacher has that child’s respect and attention then, effective, meaningful learning will take place. Therefore, a good teacher will constantly reflect values through their teaching.
Were there statisticspresented in the article that surprised you?
One surprising fact was the fact that teachers tend to be more liberal on the homosexuality and abortion issue, simply because, through the statistics, they demonstrated to be conservative in mainly every issue mentioned in the article. The article showed that American teachers were more likely to be Christians, than the other Americans. As I laterreflected on this I realized that the teacher’s human nature was to find the good in everyone, as shown in the article, 69 percent of the teachers believed that the world is more good than evil.
What does Slater think we should do about differing values held by teachers? Do you agree?
Slater implies that teachers should help children learn and appreciate values, freedom to expressthemselves, and equality. Teachers, already do that on a daily basis, through many process, like higher order thinking questions. These are the type of questions that helps each kid think outside of the box. Nonetheless, this is not only a teacher responsibility, because although, like I mentioned at the beginning of this assignment, children are with the teachers every day, nonetheless, parents, needto be more visible in their child’s education and discipline. Time changes and parents have more and more responsibilities, some work two jobs, others are raising their child alone, and many more factors can contribute, to the lack of parental involvement, but surely, if these were not a factor, children would show more values, homework responsibilities, and less focusing issues.

Analyze thevalue of standards based curriculum in k-12 schools and how political ideology can influence the teaching of that curriculum.
Fowler (2009) states that Presidents and governors make speeches; legislators develop statutes and pass budgets. In the implementation of new policies, there will always be opposition. Adjusting to changes and ideas will always bring discord. Reflecting on standardizedtest, it is designed to serve as a guide to success. These aptitude test, will lead the districts, schools, and teachers, to align their teaching with the State benchmarks, getting them ready for successful high scores and into college. Since schools are funded by tax money and are under the authority of state legislator, and school boards, they will make sure to have a rigorous academic curriculumand create better alignment of teaching, learning and assessment.
How do you view the conflict of state/federal standards and teaching?
Atkinson and Geiser (2009) explain that curriculum alignment with the nations achievement test is crucial, in order to compare and measure students progress. Many teachers might feel overwhelmed and maybe even feel limited in terms of what they want to teach...
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