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Reading and Writing Practice
Before You Read!
In this lesson, you will read stories from people who have diabetes. Before you begin reading, complete the following activity withyour classmates and your teacher.
Answer these questions with a partner:
How often do you visit the doctor’s office? R= when I am ill
Do you go to the doctor’s office when you feelhealthy? R= I do not go
How do you stay healthy? R= Eating healthfully, making exercise three times per week
Study these new vocabulary words before you read. Read thesentences and guess the meaning of the bold words from context. Discuss the words with your teacher.
I visited my doctor for a physical. He gave me an exam and asked questions about my health.After my exam, my doctor did a blood test. He checked my blood for disease.
I am always thirsty. I drink a lot day and night. I always want to drink more.
I exercise and eat wellto maintain my health. Staying healthy is important.
I don’t feel well. My head hurts and I have a sore throat. Are these symptoms of a disease? Am I sick
Reading One
Next readMarcia’s story and answer the questions that follow with your classmates and teacher.
My name is Marcia Lin. I am 68 years old. I have been in the United States for 18 years. Last year I went to mydoctor for a physical. My doctor checked my weight and my vision. I am not overweight, but my vision is blurred. I cannot see the numbers at the bus stop clearly. After my physical, my doctor sent me toanother office to have a blood test. One week later, my doctor called me. She told me I have diabetes. I was surprised. I learned about diabetes. I needed to change my lifestyle. I changed my diet andexercise habits. Now I eat healthy foods. I drink a lot of water and I eat a lot of vegetables. I don’t eat rice or fried foods. Now I exercise every day. I walk to the bus stop. I feel good. I like...