Efeects of meditation

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Every day Efects.
Now days we have to deal with many activities at the same time such as going
to work, taking care of family, attending school, cleaning the house, and cooking the
meals.Getting ready for each one of these activities does not mean one have time to
sit down for a moment, and think about he or she has been doing. As a result it is
common to find people with problem tosleep, over eating, stress, and unable to
manage situations. According to research people who practice meditation has a very
positive way to deal with every day frustrations. As a person whohas all those
activities to do, I always ask myself how to do better every day according to the
circumstances that life presents to me each day. Looking for healthy ways to
improve my style oflife, I found it what are the positives effects of practicing
Meditation helps to have good health of mind and body. For instance, if one
spends time to practicing meditation every dayfor 10-20 minutes it will help one’s
mind, emotions, body and spirit by feeling restful and most of the time stress free.
Then one will be able to do and manage a lot of things. After I married aman from
another culture, and move to another country with a different language of my mother
tongue, I found myself stressed out reacting defensive and having trouble to sleep by
consequence Istarted looking for healthy ways to react to, and understand everything
which was going on around me. One of the healthiest answers for my stress and
problem to sleep that I found was to meditate.So I decided to practice 3 years ago
meditation, which has been an important and helpful way to manage every stress
situation in my life.
When things are not as good as we expect, and with alot of things on
the mind consequences are negatives as a meditation person I know that is possible
have a positives thoughts and avoid negatives emotions. To illustrate, if every day
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