El agua

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Prepare recipe for Chiles in Walnut Sauce

For the chiles: 12 chiles poblanos.

4 eggs

1 tablespoon flour

1 cup oil.

For the minced meat:

500 grs. pork


1 cup tomato puree

3 tablespoons oil

60 grs. raisins

60 grs. Almond

30 grams. pine nuts

2 citron

2 peaches

2 pears

2 blocks panocheras

1 plantain matureSalt and pepper to taste.

For the walnut sauce:

100 fresh walnuts

100 grs. goat cheese.

1 glass of port wine

pint of milk.


1 pomegranate, Chinese parsley 1 tbsp.Procedure:
First roasted peppers, wrapped in a plastic bag, half an hour later, they stripped, skinned them and wash them under running water. It should open with one hand carefully taking carenot to reach the ends.
How to make the filling: Fry in oil a garlic and minced onion, add pork (can substitute for beef or pork and beef in equal parts), it is important that the meat is mincedfinely.

When it is well fried add the tomato puree, then raisins, almonds, peeled and cut, the citron, and add finely chopped fruit in this order: peaches, apples, pears and once cooked is added theplantain.

Finally seasoned with salt and pepper this concoction is removed from heat when thickened and fold to lie with its vapor.

Once something cold filling fill the peppers.

To "weather"chiles: Beat the egg whites until stiff, then mix well with the yolks. They spend the stuffed peppers in flour and then in the beaten eggs. Are introduced to the pan with hot oil , are turned onevery side and passed to drying trays with paper to drain.
To make the walnut sauce:

A day before peeling walnuts and left soaking in water that covers them, are covered and left in the bottom ofthe refrigerator. The next day, drain them and add them to milk soak. Grind the nuts with a little milk, goat cheese And a glass of port.

This walnut sauce is very delicate, is used only for the...
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