El deporte

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Cheesecake: the cheese is rich and yellow
Milk shake: There are several flavors and shakes are delicious
horse racing: horse racing horses run very fast
heel: heels are used to women beinghigher
motorbike: Some motorcycles are very dangerous
valley: the valleys are very beautiful animals there are many
environment: care for our environment not destroy it
French fries: potatoes aremore rich with sauces
Juice: My favorite flavor is passion fruit juice and lulus.
Badminton: is a very fun game
Temple: building the temple lasted for centuries
fire engine: firefighters risktheir lives for the welfare of all
meadow: there are abundant vegetation
pollution: is the presence or addition to the environment of substances or toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans orecosystems.
Omelette: the tortilla is like a small cake are delicious
Beer: is a alcoholic beverage, bitter.
Wrestling: is a sport in which people enter a rign to beat
Eyelid: is the skin thatcovers the eye
Speedboat: is a big boat that is sometimes driven by oars or sail, and also by the engine
Mountain: is an elevation of natural ground
Wastes: waste is classified as waste:organic
Sushi: is a Japanese dish fish with rice and other ingredients
Whisky: is a alcoholic drink usually yellow
Hang gliding: plan is built for gliding
Throat: is where weeat breathe
Wheelchair: this chair is designed for moving people with mobility problems
Island: land is more or less extensive located in open seas
Rainforest: There is a vast variety of plantspecies
Spaghetti: type of pasta shaped like long thin strings of circular section
Mineral water: is water containing dissolved minerals or other substances that alter its taste or give ittherapeutic value.
Canoeing: is a water sport on a boat
Calf: is the breeding cow
Ship: the ship is where people move
Garbage: all material is considered waste and what is needed to eliminate