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What is love? Love is the first feeling that feels before all the bad things appear. So, the love’s definition could be the biggest or smallest definitionfor each person. There are different kind of love, First there's the family love, the principal kind of love. Then, there's the unconditional love from truefriends. After that, there's the couple love between two people falling in love.
However, Even at this time there's so many people who think that love is just a pinkfeeling about butterflies in stomach and rainbows everywhere but love is not about just red hearts and kids illusions, love is a strong feeling naturally comingfrom mature people with problems and situations that are more difficult to solve than just a kids game, a love that will not break like a red heart but dies when isnot true
Then, There are so many cases from people who was really happy with their partner and then they just are separate because their partner was with someoneelse, and that's when there's no true love and there's just attraction from their partner, so when there's no attraction any more, the fake love ends.
Inconclusion, the true love is a special, strong and unique felling between two people falling in love. It's a sacrifice to the person you love without receiving any benefit.Any psychologist would say that this is not healthy, but nobody knows, maybe because sometimes love is beyond reason, in many cases, love and reason are not agood complementation.
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