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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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Dangerous of Extreme Sport Motocross

Any kind of sport, weather is extreme or not can be a risk or imminent danger. It is ideal to take all precautions necessary.
The most common accidents now a day are motorcycles, because these days they are in style. The most of what is liked about the motorcycle’s are the maneuver’s they do, the more risk it take the more like it. Extreme sport canbecome kind of addictive, and in occasions it doesn’t matter how many times the person have has an accident, he will keep on practicing the sport even if is a risk for their lives.
Motocross is a circuit event, on all terrain, with natural obstacles. Every champion ship has its own category or rank, and also different motorcycles are used it’s also by age. The motorcycles are separated indifferent ranks that are divides by numbers for example: 80cc, 125cc and 250cc. The circuit must have 1,200 meters or more. The races are from 12 to 25 minutes. The ability of the sport is to have control over the motorcycle and be able to control the different situations of the terrain, that have close curves, mud and banks of sand or small batches of water.

Motocross is a sport full of actionand adrenaline, but yet can cause fatal accidents when you less expects them to a cure. Many motorcyclists have had accidents caused by common error such a: falling and smashing its head on the floor. This fall can cause: eye vision loss, brain hemorrhage, loss of consciousness and even loss of movement of some body parts. Other error is to stay short in any other obstacle.
There are manyother ways that a motorcyclist can be hurt; the most common ones are: dislocation of arm, that can cause a fracture of the nearest bone, cause ligaments fractures and even ripping of its nerves. Other fractures can be knees, legs, ankles and wrists. With a fractured wrist if it’s not attended on time it can become permantly damage and because of this the person will not be able to grab or movethings, these are things that have no solution.
Having a fracture ankle or knee is very complicated because they have solution, but all your life you’re going to have problems with them like pain and have theme sour.
The specific damage or fracture that can happen during this sport are many, it can happen in part of the body. Also any brief or dumb fall in a race may not be important to you,but the person that’s behind you may have very serious lye fall or run over yourself or other person and cause a serious damage.
In reality if people don’t make safety a serious issue, these kind of sports can cause the person to become unable to walk or even lose their life. It is a responsibility of the trainer and the trainee.
To close up these kind of sports are very challenging, none of themotorcyclist are extent of any accident that can occur while participating or not in a rally. Even though they what can happen they keep practicing it and imitated by millions of fan.
The adrenaline that runs through our vain makes us act without responsibility. We need to know how to channel or direct our adrenaline in other ways that won’t hurt us or hurt other. This sport is great andentertaining, but everything has its limits, and if you’re doing it just to attract attention, better look for something more safety, because your risking your life on having a tragedy or causing it.
Ezequiel Costarelli
This young man of 20 years of age and with a brother who dred in the tracks, keeps giving 100% on the race tracks. He is the kind of person who gives it all in every jump, curveand every act he does, he’s one of those people that recovers from everything just to get his name next to those that are the best know national Motocross Champions, something he has done little by little.
The Motorcycle he uses is prepaid by himself and his parent. Who with lots of effort, buy everything, because he has no auspice of any know brand. He has lots to risk of himself to...
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