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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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The New Fat-O-Meat’er II
Tried, Tested, Tough!

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The World’s best selling Pig Carcass Grading Instrument just got even better!
Features of the Fat-O-Meat’er II include:
For 3 decades, more than 1000 Fat-O-Meat’ers have been installed throughout the world. We have packed the experience and knowledge from these millions and millions of hours of operation into thenew generation of the Fat-O-Meat’er.

New Probe Sensor Design The new probe sensor facilitates entry detection eliminating offset errors in measurements. The new probe sensor is longer (125 mm) enabling the Fat-O-Meat’er II to be used on larger or fatter carcasses, yet with a diameter of only 6 mm the area affected is only half of that affected with an 8 mm probe sensor! Furthermore, the probesensor is insensitive to ambient light and it is also self-adjusting and, therefore, easier to maintain. New Mechanical Drive & Electronic Controls The mechanical drive of the probe sensor has been completely re-designed with a new and robust Constant Force Torsion Spring Principle making it much easier to operate correctly. The electronic controls have been consolidated into a single integratedcircuit board. And even the file system is immune to power failure. The keywords are: fewer parts – less maintenance!

New Modular Platform The new Fat-O-Meat’er II has been designed with the objective to act as a modular platform for future upgrades as your needs and emerging technologies make it possible. The new software platform encompasses the benefits of our extensive knowledge within imagecapture and analysis, whilst being prepared for future enhancements such as true colour measurements, marbling scores and, in the longer term, drip-loss predictions etc. Improved Precision The axial as well as the optical resolution of the Fat-O-Meat’er II has been significantly improved. The improvement in resolution from 0,25 mm (0,5 mm in Germany) to 0,03 mm means that measurements are inherentlymore robust and less prone to operator error, just as they lay down a path for future software upgrades such as marbling scores. Also, there are no limits to line speed!

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Tri Th co an Pa Th IP6 co ing “be on the line. The terminal has a user-friendly, self-explanatory interface and can be mounted on the line, where it will withstand highpressure and high temperature cleaning from any angle without any special care. Even the stainless steel connector is waterproof when not mated. Both the terminal and the probe will withstand alkaline detergents.

The World’s best selling grading instrument - the industry standard! Robust mechanics, electronics and measurements Modular system architecture with extensive roadmap forfuture enhancements Differentiated product offerings designed to serve your needs Hygienic design as per EN1672-2 – all stainless steel and FDA approved materials Statistical and diagnostic tools including the option of remote surveillance Optional service packages

Product Information
Product name Basic Version Description 1 Fat-O-Meat’er II-B probe + 1 terminal. Data processing speed: limitedup to 250 carcasses /hour Options 1 • Remote Diagnostics • Statistical Tool Pack • CaroSecureTM High Speed Version 1 Fat-O-Meat’er II probe + 1 terminal. Data processing speed: unlimited carcasses/hour • Remote Diagnostics • Statistical Tool Pack • CaroSecureTM • Colour Class • Marbling Score

Options 1
Product name Description Spare probe delivered with Basic Version or High Speed VersionRemote Diagnostics Statistical Tool Pack CaroSecureTM Colour Class Grading Marbling Score Tool Spare parts Software upgrade Software upgrade Hardware and software add-on Hardware and software upgrade Software upgrade incl. a model building algorithm Recommended spare parts package


Options will be available as they are released – please contact your local distributor for updated information....
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