Filosofia montessori habitos

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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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Seven Habits of success
By William L. Beckley and Sandra C. Sarvis

To become a consensus builders we should position ourselves to a foster growth of teachers, curriculum, ideas andcreativity, counting with the right skills we should be able to get the best out of people, encouraging to work together and help to them to keep the district mission without seem our self asindividual pieces. Taking step-by-step The Stephen R. Covey’s Seven Habits we can move from dependence to independence.

1. By being PROACTIVE, taking the initiative, our behavior is a function of ourdecisions initiative and responsibility to make things happen. Establishing a collaborative vision and implementing mutually agreed upon activities.
2. BEGING WITH THE END ON MIND From the start wehave to know were are we going therefore we will be able to understand where we are now and what do we need to make sure steps we take are always in the right direction. We must know were and when ourwheel need to turn to meet the school or our Director needs.
3. PUTTING FIRST THING FIRST organizing and executing matters in terms of priorities. This is a philosophy for those who are notafraid of change and that believe that we will make a difference in education as in any other endeavor.
4. Think to WIN/WIN Is the art of compromise in education, is a better or a higher way to thinkthat require we take a the time to look for possibilities, alternatives and solutions that show that everyone is important, having the determination of not leaving the problem until is resolved in acooperatively way. Is separating the problem from the person.
5. First Understand and them be understood Listen with the intention to understand someone intellectually and emotionally this is thekey of communication.
6. Synergize is when the whole is greater that the sum of the parts. We need to be able to respect difference and build on strengths, this can help us to work better when...
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