Filosofia y matematicas

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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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Philosophy and Mathematics
How can we explain the profound interaction between philosophers and mathematicians throughout history?. In the history of the development of human thought, has been aconstant interaction between mathematical and philosophical aspects. Both try to work together to find the mysteries of the universe, but what are their difference?
Philosophers seek to understandthe many enigmas of their real, inner and outer world. But reality is very difficult to understand, so is necessary to add a new tool to try to find it. This means add mathematics. The world ofmathematics aims to be a simplification of some important aspects of the real world. It is like a partial sketch of the world, made it for the man to satisfy its own specifications. The philosopher triesto consider the mathematics like an accurately field of operations extremely valuable in its way to find all the areas of reality. For example, “ with this powerful tool we can understand the naturallaws of the world, the universal constants which are in charge of our lives.” But also there are other interesting aspects which attract the philosophers in the internal mathematical thinking, likethe logic of its structure, its simplicity and its clear and trustable models to understand all reality. Philosophers (in this case called mathematicians) interested in clarifying the mysteries ofuniversal knowledge have been thinking in a mathematical field to prove the reality through their hypotheses and theories. In general aspects, “mathematical systems are “different” from other componentsof a sensory, volitional... which make their study easier”. Even more, psychologist concerned about aspects related to the study of human creativity, explain that “those who study artificialintelligence, have also turned to mathematics because of its typical solutions to get more realistic methods“.

But from where and how mathematical structures arise? Are the mathematical structures...
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