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We start our dialogue in the elevator of the hospital, where our friend “Paige” is staying because she is dying from cancer.

Frank Avilez: Materialist
Lashea Hunt: Dualist
Damaris Perez: Idealist

What happens when someone dies?
Lashea: Oh my gosh, I can’t believe Paige is dying of terminal cancer. If it were me I would be super scared. But then again, I would know I was going toheaven and hopefully would be free of all the pain that the cancer and life in general can bring on a person.
Frank: Yes, of course you would be free of all the pain, peacefully resting in your eternal sleep. But I’m not so sure about this place you call “heaven”?
Damaris: well, I believe this is just something she has to go through to be better on her next life.
Lashea: Are you saying you don’tbelieve in heaven and that when a person dies that’s the end… like the end of a story, nothing more?
Frank: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean; I believe that when we die we go into an eternal dreamless sleep. We close our eyes and never again will they open, forever in pitch black. This place heaven or another kind of an afterlife can you describe it to me?
Damaris: of course there is somethingmore, we called it the” next level “ , the next life.
Lashea: Well, I don’t believe in all that because it would be a shame to have an ending like that. The heaven I speak of is when your soul goes out of the body to be close to God. The Bible says that up there we will be like Kings and Queens that will get everything we’ve ever wanted. Of course, that’s only if you’ve followed all the rules,if not you will go to hell. But for what you’re saying, I don’t believe in that, there has to be more to a person. Why do you think that a person will just close their eyes and be in a “dreamless” sleep?
Damaris: Or what makes you think we are able to reincarnate?
Frank: Well why wouldn’t I believe that’s all we see when we die. Why would I believe in heaven? I don’t know of anyone thathas ever been to heaven nor have I ever seen any pictures of heaven. I also don’t mean those drawings that people make up. I’m talking about actual photographs, I’ve never seen any evidence what so ever, have you?
Damaris: I have heard stories where people have dreams about their pass lives or have some sort of memories; don’t you ever have a deja vu moment? Or have you ever have a dream thatyou were someone else or were in a place you never been before but yourself is very familiar with it?
Lashea: Read your Bible Frank! All those stories and testimonies is evidence that there is something more. So do you believe that Jesus was just a person, a normal human being, who did great things for people? Jesus was a “Perfect” person sent from heaven. There is not a single human beingthat is or was that perfect. Therefore, that is evidence of heaven, heaven is nothing but good and happiness and that’s what Jesus was. Okay, so tell me this… where’s your evidence that there’s nothing more after a person dies?
Frank: My evidence lies in the corpse itself or the person who has died. I’ve been there on the side of a person as they get ready to die. Not once did I see any soulcome out of the body. That’s why I believe death can be peaceful in a form of eternal sleep all our cares and worries gone as we rest in our sleep that we never come back from , because that’s all that I’ve seen when someone dies, just a lifeless body, a body that slowly decomposes as time goes by, that’s it That is my evidence.
Damaris: hmm if you read the bible it also says that if you believein God and that God is in you then everything is possible. They don’t specify in the bible where exactly you go after death , it only says that you go to a better place and will have a better life, to me it can be having my spirit coming back to the next life as a better person because I sort of pay for my mistakes on pass lives don’t you think so?
Frank: Well then I can ask how many past...
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