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The territory of France, and its metropolitan part, also called continental France, is located in Western Europe, bounded on the south by the Mediterranean Sea, the enclave of Monaco
France is ahighly developed economically and socially, with a high international dissemination of their culture and influence in geopolitical terms.

Tourism is a major source of the French economy. Itis the most-visited country in the world, about 80 million a year; its tourists come mainly from North America, Japan, China and other countries in Europe. Paris is the main attraction, but alsoreceives many visitors to the Riviera. France is a country with multiple points of interest: besides having one of the greatest historic and artistic heritage of the world, is among the few countries thatcan offer beach activities, mountain and countryside.

The cuisine of France is considered one of the largest in the world. It is characterized by its variety, the fruit of French regionaldiversity, both culturally and raw materials, but also for its refinement. [1] [2] His influence is felt in almost all Western cuisines, which have been incorporated their technical knowledge base of Frenchcuisine. Several French chefs have a great international reputation, as is the case of Tail event, La Varenne, Carême, Escoffier, Bocuse and Alain Ducasse. a group of chefs and gourmets, with theapproval of President Nicolas Sarkozy, argue that French food is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site [3].

Restaurant. It's the same restaurant concept that can be found in almost anycountry in the world. Menus vary according to the specialization of each and the level of luxury. The plates are selected according to a preset menu or a la carte.
Bistrot or bistro. Smaller and morefamiliar character, the menus are usually issued orally or written on a blackboard every day.
Bistrot à Vin. Similar to a tavern, now this term evolves to wine shops where you can taste wines from...
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