Gay parenting is sane

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Valeria A. Sierra De Jesús
Professor Mary Sefranek
INGL 3103 Sec. 127
27 October 2010
Gay Parenting is Sane
When I first saw a gay couple with a child I was completely surprise, and my first thought was that because her family was weird so was she, but when I met her personally my expectations changed completely. It wasn’t because of her, but because of her parents, who intimidated me,since is a known fact that change for good or bad is intimidating for anyone. At first my prejudice beliefs didn’t let me see what she really was, a good friend.
Society still views gay and lesbian couples with children differently. Children of lesbian and gay parents are continuously exposed to prejudice remarks against them and their parents by encounters with anti-gay sentiments in their dailylives. This is what really affects them. According to Charlotte J. Patterson in Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents states that “Children of lesbian and heterosexual showed similar, relatively high levels of social competence, as well as similar, relatively low levels of behavior problems on the parent form of Child Behavior Checklist”(242). Although having multiples encounters with anti-gaysentiments it normally doesn’t change the child’s behavior. If you think in all this you can see that the difference between children of homosexuals couples and heterosexual couples are none except of the bullying the first receive.
           More importantly any child’s mental health depends on the education and parenting that is given to her or him. The quality of daily interaction and the strengthof relationships with the parents they have it is more important to youth than the gender of their parents partner. It doesn’t matter the parents sexual orientation but the way he raise his child.
Most of the children of gays or lesbians are adopted or conceived at sperm banks. Today is very difficult for gay parents to adopt; they have to pass a long and unnecessary process to adopt a child.Lawyer Deborah Wald said “Gay adoptions are complex, and laws vary from state to state. It is critical that any same-sex couples looking to adopt a child be represented by a lawyer who is familiar and up-to-date with the latest issues.”(“Gay Adoption Issues-Choosing an LGBT Friendly Attorney.”), which is true. Gay parents have to pass a long and hard legal process to adopt children, and when they do,they try to become the best parents they can be. By letting homosexuals couples adopt freely, the foster home is giving that child a chance to change for a better life. It isn’t important the genre just the love given to the child. Children adopted by either heterosexuals or homosexuals couples have a better change living a happier and healthier mental life than living bouncing from foster home tofoster home.
In this picture we see two girls holding a poster that says “I love my two mommies.” This means that the children don’t care whether their parents are homosexuals, they just care that her two mothers love them and care for them. (see Figure 1 below). Fig. 1. A Gay Parade, New York. (Courtesey of Moonbattery).
           One of the concerns is that people think thatby having gay parents the child will be more likely to explore homosexual activity themselves, which it isn’t true. First of all, is there a gay gene? There has been research about whether the genes a man gets from his father and mother may affect his sexual orientation. The other major concern is that people still think that lesbians and gay men are mentally ill, which have been proved to bewrong since homosexuality is neither a health nor psychological disorder.
           Homosexual parents are like any normal one, wishing for their children happiness and well being. Their children are not psychologically damage or jeopardize by their parents. Is like when children have criminal parents, this doesn’t mean they will become criminals like their parents or will be psychologically...
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